Hello! How’s it going? I’m just starting a new week. Excited about this week. I had a really fun and relaxing weekend which gave me so much energy for my current projects.

I thought it would be nice to share some meal prep ideas as I do meal prepping quite a lot. I usually bring my own lunch to work so I have had to learn how to do meal prepping. I got to be honest I don’t really like meal prepping. I would love to go to eat in restaurants all the time but I just notice I feel a lot better when I  eat mostly self prepared food from clean ingredients. Of course cooking your own food also saves you quite some money as well if you think it that way. So I’m sharing some of my tips how to meal prep in this post.


  1. Cook massive amounts of food. I aim to cook maybe a few times a week and this means I’m going to eat same food for about two three days. Boring? Sometimes. But just think about the feeling when you come home tired and you have something delicious and healthy in you fridge. All you have to do maybe cut some veggies to make a side salad or steam some broccoli for a side. And this takes like 5 min so not bad. Oh I just love the ease of that.
  2. Plan your foods. I try to decide beforehand what I’m going to eat that week and then I just go shopping and buy the items that I need for the whole week. This also saves me a great deal of time and energy because I hate going to the grocery store so I try to minimize that as much I can. And don’t ask me why? Well I live in a place where all “good” grocery stores are about 15 min drive away and most often I have to go to few different shops. As I want to use my time efficiently it feels like a waste of time to use one hour every day for buying food.
  3. What motivates you to meal prep? It’s easy to think yeah I’m going to start meal prepping and all this. But as with everything in life I feel you have that why you do it. For the motivation is to know that I eat clean and healthy food when I’ve prepared it myself. I also want to treat myself well and respect myself which means that I’m going fuel my body with the best. Saving time and energy with meal prepping also motivates me to keep doing it.

So I hope these tips we’re helpful and inspiring. Do you meal prep or do you prefer to cook fresh food every day? Feel free to write in the comments! Thank you for reading!

Have a great day!

Peace & Love!

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