Hello! Lately I’ve been doing mostly body weight training so I decided to write down a few noteworthy points about bodyweight training. I’ll tell a bit about bodyweight training in general and also about my own experience of changing my training regime. I’ve written about bodyweight training before HERE.

Bodyweight training is a form of training that utilizes different exercises done with the trainees own body weight. The aim is to perform bodyweight exercises that require strength and skill. The goal is also to be able to do advanced acrobatic movements that seem to defy gravity. But don’t worry you can still enjoy bodyweight training even though your goals wouldn’t be to perform exercises like the human flag. Bodyweight training is also very convenient because people with different kind of training backgrounds  can do it. There are easy movements for beginners and as there is progress it’s easy to proceed to more advanced variations. I like bodyweight training because I get bored quite easily therefore in bodyweight training with a little bit of imagination I can modify my training very easily. What I also like about bodyweight training is the fact that it is for free. No gym memberships or expensive gear so money saved for something else like traveling which is another passion of mine.


As I’ve been quite busy lately I’ve sticked to home workouts and as I don’t have a personal gym I train with my own bodyweight and have found that amazingly effective and also fun. Time problem solved! Nowadays I usually train in the morning for about half an hour and I’ve been happy with the results. For me this works a lot better than the scenario when I come home tired and gym sesh hanging still in my to do list. It takes a lot more time for me to first go to gym and then train come back home etc. It can easily take about 1,5 to 2 hours first to get ready go to the gym train and come back home. This compared to half an hour in the morning? I choose the half an hour in the morning! Of course things aren’t this black and white and simplistic. It would be naive to make direct comparisons between weight training and bodyweight training. Let’s just say that for the moment I feel bodyweight training is a very handy form of training to me to maintain my muscular fitness and strength levels. That’s it!

bodyweight-5To be honest I’ve never been a big fan of traditional weight training at the gym so now I’m happy to have found another way to do strength training. I might not get the biggest muscles  with bodyweight training but that’s ok because it’s not what I’m aiming for. My goal is to have a healthy and functional body and that can be achieved with many other ways than only training at the gym with weights. As a disclaimer I want to say that I really appreciate gym training and often prescribe that to clients because of the the many advantages it has. In this post I’m just telling what works for me at the moment. I have done regularly weight training at the gym and now it’s been only about a four months break from the gym. I have feeling at some point I’m going back to the gym but at the moment bodyweight training works a lot better to me. Of course these two training methods don’t exclude each other more likely they compliment each other therefore a balanced training program could include both workouts at the gym but also bodyweight workouts. And of course it would be naive to make strict comparisons on bodyweight training and gym because there are also many differences.

So I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe got some inspiration! Have you tried bodyweight training ever or are you more a gym person? I’d love to know so make sure to comment your take on this topic.

Thank you for stopping by!

Peace & Love!


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