Hello! What about are you excited today? I remember seeing somewhere an interview of Finnish healthcare influencer Jaakko Halmetoja where he told  that he almost never asks “How are you”. Instead he asks “What are you excited today”? I just love this idea. First of all it forces you to think something positive about your day and it also kind of guides you to the present moment the present day. Genious. This is one of my goals for the new year to start using this phrase instead of the old and boring “How are you”. Of course also I want to truly recognize on the power of language and focus on using positive words. Today I’m excited about how inspired and energized I feel. Holiday as done it’s job on me and it’s great to be back at work. I’m super excited to return to my work as a naprapath, blogger and other important projects of mine.

I actually waited in the morning to get up to this day. It’s not obvious to me as for the previous months I’ve felt quite different that is low energy levels and feeling tired all the time. It was hard to get up in the morning and I didn’t feel the smallest amount of inspiration or motivation. Year 2016 was heavy-duty in many ways. There we’re lots of big changes and also quite a lot of pressure so it’s no wonder the energy levels we’re kind of low in the end of the year. That’s why I decided to go on a vacation and just take time for myself. I would be a hypocrite to write here about the importance of relaxing and rest while not living myself up to that.

If I remember correctly it’s been a year since my last holiday. So it was lovely to just take the time. I didn’t really train for two weeks except for long walks. I read a lot. I focused on just being. Days went by when my main theme was window meditation of which I’ll write more in the future. I spent time with my family and friends. I partied. I ate mainly healthy but indulged when I felt so. I slept later than usual. I napped a lot. I listened to music and day dreamed. I wrote my diary. I didn’t use social media. The third week of my vacation was a time for rearranging myself and I started the return to the everyday routines little by little. I’m just super grateful that I had the chance to have this vacation. Sweet!

However now it’s a brand new year even though the difference isn’t that big. Life keeps going with the familiar routines. Yet for me there’s something special about the new year. It’s a logic time to evaluate your life situation and if necessary to reinvent yourself and to ponder on your goals. I have written down few goals for the 2017. They are quite the same as the year before. I’ll share them in the upcoming posts. Until that have an amazing week and happy new year. Join me!

Nice to see you here!

Have an amazing day!

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