Hello! This week I’m writing about joint mobilisation as it is a naprapathic treatment modality. Joint mobilization is performed to a joint with a slow rhythmic manner in naprapathic treatment. The aim is to improve the joint range of mobility.

Joint mobilization is a gentle treatment that naprapaths and also other manual therapists perform to treat musculoskeletall symptoms. Most often in the manual examination part the naprapath notices a certain joint thats’ range of movement is restricted and while trying to move that certain joint it might provoke pain or the identical symptom of the patient. This is an indication for treatment and as you probably guessed more precisely for joint mobilization.

Treatment forms that are cousins Joint mobilization and manipulation are closely related to each other as usually the movements that are performed are the same. I’ve written about manipulation previously HERE. What is the difference between mobilization and manipulation is that in mobilization the movements that the naprapath performs are slow and don’t go beyond the end range of the joint. In manipulation the naprapath first takes the joint to the end range of its mobility and then performs quick and short amplitude impulse to the joint. Certain kind of ”cracking” sound can usually be heard during manipulation but in mobilization rarely.

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Mobilization vs. manipulation? Why mobilize if you can manipulate? Sometimes it’s better to mobilize the joint than manipulate. For example mobilization is generally better for older people as it’s more gentle than manipulation. Sometimes people are nervous about the treatment and in these times it might be better to go with a more gentle technique. It might be wise to start the rehabilitation with mobilization and then proceed to manipulation because in the start the structures may be so tight or restricted that a gentle technique yields better results prior to manipulation.

Spine or peripheral joint? Big difference between manipulation and mobilization also remains on the body area where they are used. Manipulation is mostly used on the spine in naprapathy. Of course you can manipulate peripheral joints like the shoulder joint but this is not generally practiced in naprapathy. When it comes to mobilization that’s the treatment modality we mostly use for improving the range of movement in the peripheral joints. Mobilization is also used in the treatment of back and neck problems in the meaning to target the spinal joints. Mobilization can also be performed with the aid of the patients muscles which is combining joint mobilization and muscle energy technique. This kind of combination treatment is mostly very effective.

So hope this article was helpful and you got the information you we’re looking for. If any questions or thoughts come up feel free to comment and I’ll get back to you.

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