Hello! Just a little restaurant recommendation in case you happen to travel to Groningen. Groningen is a really nice and beautiful city in the Northern part of the Netherlands. I spent the whole July in the Groningen area and really fell in love with the place and enjoyed my stay in the Netherlands. My favorite restaurant in Groningen is de herbivoor which is a great vegan restaurant. I tried on my first time their pumpkin salad that is served with hummus and had chocolate vanilla cream cake for desert and can highly recommend their stuff.

The tastes we’re so rich and pure and not to mention the ingredients we’re best quality. Also enjoyed with freshly squeezed orange juice the food tasted amazing and felt so refreshing and energizing. The experience was overall very enjoyable with the friendly staff and cute interior. So if travelling in Groningen area try this place out if you’re into vegan food and even if you’re not because here might as well try vegan food and fall in love. I went there with my sworn meat eating friend who was in doubt that he’ll leave the place with an empty stomach but he turned out to actually liking the food and leaving the restaurant with a full stomach. So I guess that’s quite something. Thank you for stopping by!

Have a great day!

Peace & Love!

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