Hello and happy Monday! I thought I’d share a great tip how to uplift yourself this Monday in case you’re in need of that because let’s face it sometimes on (especially on Mondays) you might need that refreshment. So therefore my tip is make yourself a cup of matcha latte. Matcha is green tea powder which is used to make matcha tea and when you combine it with milk the result is a delicious drink called matcha latte. Matcha latte has been one my favorite drinks lately. I just love that moment in the afternoon when I enjoy a nice cup of matcha latte and feel so energized after that. I love the taste of matcha. You might need some time to get used to the taste of matcha if you’re not already familiar with green tea but once you get it you’ll most likely start enjoying the fresh and fine grassy taste of it. Matcha originates from Japan and is the essential part in the tea ceremony.

Matcha latte is also great because it is so healthy. Matcha powder is made from the finest part of the tea plant from it’s leaves so it contains all the health benefits of green tea. Green tea is healthy because it can lower your cortisole hormone levels and cortisole is that stress hormone whose levels you might want to keep moderate. Green tea also helps to protect the skin from suns aging effect and might be beneficial for people with high blood pressure. There is also evidence that drinking tea can actually protect you from  certain types of cancer just to mention few benefits of green tea.

So here you have it a recipe video on how to make matcha latte! Enjoy!

Peace & Love!

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