Hello! This week I’m writing about joint mobilisation as it is a naprapathic treatment modality. Joint mobilization is performed to a joint with a slow rhythmic manner in naprapathic treatment. The aim is to improve the joint range of mobility. Joint mobilization is a gentle treatment that naprapaths and also other manual therapists perform to […]

THE MUSCULOSKELETAL SYSTEM – LIGAMENTS Hello! It’s been a while from the latest post on this series so I thought I’d continue the anatomy series and address ligament structures this time. I’ve previously written about bone (HERE), tendon (HERE) and muscle (HERE). In this post I’ll dive into the subject of ligament. As for the previous parts of this […]


Hello! Thought I’d write a more in depth article about core stability as this week I made a video about how to activate and train the transverse abdominal muscle. You can find the link to the video later in this post. So let us just dive into the subject of core and core stability. The […]

THE MUSCULOSKELETAL SYSTEM – MUSCLE Hello! This week the musculoskeletal system series continues and this time the subject of interest is muscle. Previously I’ve written about bone (HERE), and tendons (HERE). Muscles are an interesting topic especially when it comes to training and physical performance. Probably all of us are keen on having a body that functions well and enables us […]