Hello! Just a little restaurant recommendation in case you happen to travel to Groningen. Groningen is a really nice and beautiful city in the Northern part of the Netherlands. I spent the whole July in the Groningen area and really fell in love with the place and enjoyed my stay in the Netherlands. My […]


  Hello and happy Monday! I thought I’d share a great tip how to uplift yourself this Monday in case you’re in need of that because let’s face it sometimes on (especially on Mondays) you might need that refreshment. So therefore my tip is make yourself a cup of matcha latte. Matcha is green tea powder which is used […]


Hello! I decide to gather some information about myofascial pain syndrome this week. I just revised the subject myself so I thought I might as well make a summary in the form of an article so here you have it – information about myofascial pain syndrome. Enjoy! What is myofascial pain syndrome? Myofascial pain syndrome is characterized […]


Hello! Hope you are having a nice relaxing Sunday. I started my Sunday by having friends coming over and enjoying a brunch together. We had salad wraps with hummus and fresh vegetables cranberry smoothie (check the recipe HERE) and healthy banana bread. I love to do these kind of things with my friends when we just […]

THE MUSCULOSKELETAL SYSTEM – TENDON   Hello! The musculoskeletal system series continues as today I decided to write an article about tendons. You can check out my post about bone tissue HERE the first part of this series. So most of us know roughly what is a tendon. Tendon is the part of the muscle that connects it to the bone […]