Hello! It’s already start of July I feel time goes so quickly. So I continue with the second part of this wellness series. This time I’d like to focus on nutrition as it is a major contributor to our health what we eat on a regular basis. You might not think summer to be the time for particularly healthy eating but I challenge you to think what would be better time to focus a bit more on your nutrition. Many of us have at least some kind of summer holiday. Some have longer some shorter holidays but the point is you get to relax and charge yourself for the upcoming autumn (or fall) and busier seasons. In summer it is also warm and this can be a practical clue to eat lighter food and maybe smaller portions (if portion control is a problem like it is to me sometimes). If you’ve been planning a change in your lifestyle I’d say summer is the perfect time as making changes takes a lot of energy and is easier in a less stressful life situation. Imagine the situation that you’ve been eating healthy for a couple of months in the summer, you’ve had your holiday and going back to work or autumn starting and you’re full of energy and feel healthy and relaxed. All this thanks to healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle overall. You can also imagine the opposite situation… So I wrote some tips for myself and for you to get motivated on healthy eating during the summer.

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1. Shift your mindset. Make that shift in your thinking. Think of summer as the time to charge the batteries and focus on your health. Think of summer the time when you want to treat yourself well. Focus on all the positive things for example how I can replace something what I like to eat with a healthier but as delicious option. Trust me this is very much possible. Avoid mindsets like oh no my summer is going to be ruined as I have to refuse from so many delicious things.

2. Attitude – Attitude is everything. You truly have a power on your attitude. I believe in many times the attitude is a key to success in so many things. So if it is difficult to motivate yourself you can try to brainwash your mind to that positive attitude towards the changes you’re going to make. Have that rock solid attitude and determination that you want to do something nice to yourself and respect yourself as making healthy choices. Imagine a person who takes really good care of them and loves himself. What kind of choices would that person do? Keep this in mind. Imagine being that person

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3. Do small changes. Change one thing – If you’re already eating very healthy but occasionally treat yourself with something unhealthy replace even these treats with healthier choices. If you don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables try adding them for one meal. For example eat fruits for breakfast or have a salad for lunch etc. Even small changes make a difference and in time can lead to more changes. By making small changes your mind won’t resist the change so much and when one change for example healthy breakfast becomes a habit you can change another thing and so on.

4. Discipline. Make a difference to “a loving discipline” and to “a hating discipline”. This is something I’d like to stress. We all have that inner “judge” and “critic” in our minds who are so eager to judge and criticize us after unhealthy choices and mistakes. These ones you might just want to say okay thanks for your words but this criticism is really not helping me the least bit but making me to feel like I’m a failure. These criticisms are not going to take me to any upward spiral or helping me in making better choices and to feel good about them. Then there is that inner, let’s call it “a sensei” like the Japanese call their teachers and superiors, in our minds. The sensei is a wise loving teacher who wants you to be skillful and strong and ultimately wants your best. In order to achieve this, the sensei is being very demanding and holds a strict discipline to you but from a loving place. Are you getting the hang of my point? 🙂


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5. Remember points 1. and 4. Shift your thinking and shift your mindset. Don’t attempt to do the change with that “bad” self-discipline, restrictions, self-hate and negativity. Do it from a positive place. Think what is best for you. Make the changes from loving place. There are already so many rules and restrictions in this world so think of changing your habits as a voluntary loving thing not as an obligation and rules you have to obey. The point is not to feel stressed out and deprived after summer but to love and nurture yourself a bit more than usual and introduce yourself habits to form more well being into your life with that loving discipline because you are an amazing person and deserve the best.

Hope these tips were helpful and will inspire you to make changes in your lifestyle. I feel most of us already know what we have to eat in order to have a healthy diet so that’s why I haven’t made that list here “eat your veggies and fruits, avoid sugar and saturated fats etc. We know this but I feel like there is lack of knowledge how to get motivated and how to apply the changes in your lifestyle. In the future I’ll be sharing some of my favorite recipes to have some practical conception of healthy options and foods.

Wish you an amazing weekend! 

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  1. I shared this on my facebook wall and this comment was made “I would be happy to commit my life solely to passing on this piece of wi#odm&s8221; – thanks to you for your powerful and heartfelt words. Blessings to you x

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