Hello! How are you doing? I’m loving the autumn here in Finland. The trees are changing to really beautiful colors as they we’re blooming again. The air is super fresh and crisp. One thing that I love about Finland is the cleanest and freshest air that I’ve come to experience. So grateful to live in a place like this. Of course there are many places in the world that have clean and fresh air not just Finland. It’s just every autumn I have the biggest realization of this so hence the rambling about the fresh air.

So from this we come to the actual topic of the post which is training motivation in the autumn. In the autumn I’ve always loved training outdoors as it is not too hot anymore (as a Finn I can’t bare too hot temperatures 😉) and as a bonus it’s really beautiful. In autumn I especially love going for long walks and also going jogging. What I also love doing in the autumn is going camping with my friends. I have done short one night camping trips but I would love going for longer trips in the future. When I still studied we started a tradition with my friends and went every autumn to camp in Repovesi national park and those trips we’re super fun and relaxing.


What motivates me to train in Autumn is that training gives me so much more energy as I’m back to the everyday work and grind after summer holidays etc. What I need is fresh air after a long day of working inside so I try to go outside every day for at least 30 min walk if I’ve had a busy day or having a jog if I’m not that tired. Going on evening walks is also motivating because it just makes me in the right state of mind for sleep. After I come home from a walk I’ll have a cup of herbal tea and just relax and the magic works I start feeling so sleepy.


Lately I’ve been loving body weight training to maintain strength. What I do I workout in the morning at home for about 30 minutes. I just do simple exercises like pushups, squats, core and other. I’ve felt this is really good way to stay in shape. What I’m looking for is just a healthy functional body. It doesn’t really motivate me to lift heavier weights or brake my lifting records but I’m  not saying its wrong to train like that just explaining what works for me. The morning training was super difficult in the start because I’ve never been a big morning training person but as I just did it for one week as an experiment I noticed how much energy and wellbeing this habit gave me so I just kept going on. It also motivates me to train in the morning as I’ll have the evening free to do whatever I wish to (go for a walk for example or just relax or take the time to cook something delicious). As I have a calendar where I write my schedule it also feels very motivating and satisfying to cross out the planned workouts.

Hope you enjoyed this post and got some inspo! Please write in the comments what motivates you to train in the autumn and what kind of training you like to do in the autumn or does it change to you from season to season? I’d love to hear from you guys!

Wish you an amazing autumn and autumn workout sessions!

And happy Sunday!

Peace & Love!


  1. You make thigns so clear. Thanks for taking the time!

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