Hello and happy Saturday! In this post I share a recipe that has turned my weekend mornings to a next level of luxurious. This recipe is a raw and healthy ice cream option that tastes even better than the regular milk based ice creams and gelatos.. Big words but I encourage you to try this and you’ll see why the ramble.

This ice cream is made of three ingredients that are blueberries, banana and vanilla powder. Can you get cleaner than that? The real magic comes with cashew cream that is served with the ice cream. Cashew cream is just something that I could eat straight from the jar. It’s that good.

The honor from this recipe belongs to the Swedish author Erica Palmcrantz whom I’m eternally grateful for this ice cream. I bought Ericas raw dessert cook book a few years ago and have since enjoyed from amazingly delicious but also healthy desserts and treats. Highly recommend the book. The book, called Raw Delight by the way, is  translated to English Finnish Danish and Norwegian,  So got to say thank you Erica Palmcrantz!

Ok enough praising, let’s get to work! For two portions you need

Cashew cream:

2 dl of cashew nuts

1 pear (organic ones have the best taste and aroma)

1 tbs honey or agave syrup

2 deciliters of water

vanilla powder (organic one, made from vanilla bean)

Start by putting the cashews to a blender and blending them to powdery consistency. Then add the water and blend again for even consistency. Add the pear, honey and vanilla powder. Blend one more time and you have the ready product.

Blueberry ice cream:

three frozen or fresh bananas (I recommend frozen ones)

about two deciliters of frozen blueberries

vanilla powder

Let the bananas melt down for about 10 minutes if you’re using frozen ones. Then just put them into a food processor with the blueberries and start blending. It might take a few minutes to achieve even and smooth consistency. For few times I recommend scratching the material from the edges of the processor as the banana pieces and blueberries tend to gather there.

When the ice cream has a smooth consistency just add it to a beautiful dessert bowl. Then add 1 to 2 deciliters of cashew cream on top of the ice cream and mix it with a knife or table spoon for cream stripes to appear in the ice cream. Result = PURE PLEASURE.

Enjoy slowly in your PJ:s and rise to the next level of pleasure.

Hope you enjoyed this post! I’m curious what kind of weekend routines or traditions you have? Feel free to comment and we can have a discussion. Let’s talk!

Have a great weekend guys! 

Peace & Love!

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