Hello! November is coming to its’ end and December is just a few days away. Annoyingly it’s that time of the year  when the darkness really hits us, at least in the northern parts of the world like Finland. The darkness starts to  challenge the energy levels and stamina. If I was to decide I’d make it to the law that November is a vacation month for the whole Finland and the government pays. At least there could be less working hours or relaxation classes at schools and jobs. Before we live in this utopia it would probably be a good idea to create some routines and habits that give you that energy boost when the weather conditions really start to challenge the motivation. To this post I got some inspiration from a relaxation master that is my parents cat. A while ago I looked after for her and had my camera with me so I was able to capture this relaxing moment that I can now use to help inspire myself when I need some uplifting. I don’t know from you but when I just look at these pics I start to relax and feel good.

For the past few weeks I’ve been making sure to take some extra time for myself and to do conscious relaxation.  I’ve felt it’s been a really good thing to do. Cats seem to know these skills naturally and quite often they can give a plenty of inspiration just by being themselves. Maybe we could take a bit more chilloutish attitude in work and in the everyday grind when the darker season hits us. Or maybe it’s just me who is stressing and putting pressure on myself. Anyhow if you feel like it just take time to yourself and remember to relax enough. Life is short and best spent feeling good!

What kind of things you do to relax or do you even suffer from stress? Have you found a foolproof way to combat the pressure or to deal with it? Comment your take on the subject! Thank you!

Wish you a lovely relaxing day!

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