Hello! Hope you’ve had an amazing day! I just thought to come and remind myself and you guys as well that sometimes you need to take your time. Even that you love what you’re doing sometimes you gotta wind down and take your time and do nothing special than just be. I’ve been loving this warm autumn that we’ve been having here in Finland this year. Now it’s colder already. These photos we’re taken a while ago at my nearby beach. We had a chilled out evening with my friend. We just enjoyed a nice cup of tea and talked about everything. We just let the time to pass by and had a moment Italians call “la dolce far niente” which means the sweetness of doing nothing by straight translation. So guys remember to be merciful to yourself and time to time take your time. As my humble goal I aim in this blog to give you those aesthetic relaxed moments in between the more informative and scientific content that I have here. Hope you enjoy your here! What is the thing you do when you relax and take yourself some time? Feel free to comment in the comments box!

Thank you for stopping by!

Peace & Love!

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